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Zimbaka! is the strength of unity built around focus of purpose. Zimbaka! works when we are together and together is a powerful word. Zimbaka! can mean collaboration, it can reflect strength and infer unity of purpose. Together also means grouped around purpose, Zimbaka! is built on purpose.

Why Zimbaka ?

Drawn from a concept within the Maragoli of the Luhya people in Western and other parts of Kenya, it essentially means intelligent discussion by a group or community towards effective solutions for the people at large.


“Community Discourse Towards Community Empowerment”

an authentic thought partner program

Authentic Thought partnered with an area CBO (Community Based Organization) in Western Kenya to start this initiative

How To Zimbaka ?

We aim to encourage community discussion focused mostly on the youth and based on Information Technology because empowerment of the community can lead towards informed entrepreneurship and sustained economic development.

The forums and projects will include a variety of activities, workshops, training opportunities and idea incubation systems including mini-forums led by Authentic Thought that will finally focus on paths that consequently lead interested members through Brand Identity, Digital Marketing, and many more targeted outcomes including Social Media empowerment to bring as many members as possible into conversations of the Digital Age.

We will strive to connect funding sources with identified solutions within the community hence bringing ideas into existence and changing concepts into actions that above all will positively influence the community at large.

Why Do We Need Change ?

It should be noted that Africa has a significant gap in Digital Technology and Education and is far behind other parts of the world when it comes to integrating society with technology and therefore increasing the potential to break barriers of poverty and unemployment. We will Zimbaka! on this, as a community, to change the future one empowered and noteworthy idea at a time. The youth are key to this and many are already making great leaps in this matter.

We also intend to address the high rate of unemployment, especially among the young people of the community.

Unemployment and subsequent hardships and poverty tend to lead a great number of young and intelligent citizens into anti social behavior, drug abuse, alcoholism and another great vice, prostitution, especially among low income families and communities.

We will soon launch forums across Western Kenya and later, in outlying counties. Each Forum, as a result, is tailor made for community solutions to address these very real problems, with some excitingly possible solutions driven by the communities that are the most affected and energized by fresh and intriguing voices.

What Next Zimbaka ?

While heavily Youth oriented, our initiative is also meant for the general populace hence encourages the key element of discourse in a respectful and constructive method to bring about change for good. As a result, we will strive towards a greater cohesiveness due to inclusion

You can sign up for more information, updates on the next Forum and access to essential Information Kits to begin your journey. We appreciate your support so please share this article on your social media and spread the word.

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